Libya: Let us all just admit it.

Let us all admit it, this whole “let’s get rid of Gaddafi” has seriously backfired.

Bab-Azaziya / Gadaffi’s compound – The beginning of destructions

It has been 7 years since the capture and death of former leader Moamer Al–Gaddafi. Libya was then officially announced as fully liberated. That’s it.

Civil wars, stolen wealth, destroyed infrastructures, weakness, illegal immigrants, stolen youth, deaths, failed state.

Let’s admit that the poor day-to- day Libyans who were hoping for a brighter future just ended up being carried away by false hope and useless anticipations.

Let’s admit that so many bright future were lost.

Let’s admit a few have gained from this revolution and the rest just have to pretend everything is going well.

Let’s admit that besides those who have benefited from this revolution financially, gained power militarily or those who just wanted revenge on Gaddafi & his family, the revolution generally did not bring much to the table, as a matter of fact it deprived a lot.

“It’s just 7 years, what do you expect after 40 years of destruction & tyranny” , “No regrets over Gaddafi’s demise”, “The French Revolution took 10 years to recover”, “It will get better in the future”.

Say the above statements to the poor elderly man sitting outside of a bank for hours just to receive his minimum pension – wouldn’t he prefer the evil dictator to stay in power just so he could enjoy his golden years surrounded by his family & without worrying of dying right outside the bank.

Let’s admit the main goal was to get rid of Gaddafi & to make the best out of the chaos.

Let’s admit that only a few individuals were given the opportunity while others remain to suffer the mess.

Let’s admit that the chaos in Libya today is too big to be solved by elections. We already had elections twice, one time proved to have created a powerless Congress and the second time was straight forward disrespected. So why would it be any different this time?

Let’s admit no one cares about the Libyan lives anymore, there has been kidnappings, stealings and disappearances just like in Gaddafi days and during the revolution.

As France & Italy continue to choose sides in Libya’s ongoing civil war, let’s admit it’s not for the best of the Libyans or Libya as a whole.

Let’s admit that all countries involved in Libya and “trying to find a solution for Libya” are just putting their own interests first.

Let’s admit that reshuffling armed groups is just a fast solution to make the best of the chaos instead of getting rid of the chaos.

Let’s admit that there will not be any real solution to the ongoing chaos in Libya and the issue will just be a matter of time. Maybe it could get worse or if we are lucky it could get better, but it will take a very very long time.

The sad part is that there is no turning back. Everyone has to move forward, whether it’s leaving the country or making the best out this mess. Time & tide waits for no one, & most certainly not for Libya. Admit it.